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Moments like these, sometimes I wished I didn't experience
It happened, all in such a flash…nothing registered  
The only thing I knew, was the sound of being cuffed.

Feelings of guilt and shame ran through my mind but at the same time anger and anxiety.
No one was going to help me out this, felt abandonment. Left here to deal with the consequences.
So called a friend you were, asshole.

There are different scenarios played through my mind, every night behind in these four walls
What if I left my friend would he felt the same way? What if I jumped, would I escape this fate? What if I ratted him out? What if…and the list goes on.
While he walks free, I took all the heat and all the fault.

True is, this wasn't supposed to happened, you gotta learn somehow right yet why the hard way?
I knew it was wrong but why didn't listen to my own reason, it was a mistake.
Just maybe I was caught in my own hustle, dancing with the devil might last you forever.

Let it go, there isn't much else you can do now. Holding a grudge isn't going to solve anything or make it go away.
You know and he knows, she’s gone
But why…

Sometimes I wonder, if that breaking point would’ve stop or better yet why couldn’t it stop
At the top of that building looking down, just one more step and I could’ve end it all
No, instead man up and suffer the consequences whatever that may be because you know this isn’t the end of the journey.
There was much more of a loss than what happened that night, my freedom…

It’s been many years now, I haven’t forgotten
All those screams, the silence, and most of all my own judgement
It was driving me mad but I just needed to let go or I will be trap
A prisoner of my own mind
All that has happened, spending behind those four soulless walls
I waited for that day to come out…
But there is one thought that still rings till this day

“Sir, answer the question, did you or did you not? Were you the one who, push the victim fell from the 22nd floor? Sir…?”

Memories like these, I wished I never had to experience
The tale, that should've been left unspoken…
Unspoken Tale
The unspoken tale...

Wow, it's been a really long time since I posted anything. I've been busy with school and personal life. I don't know any of you guys still watch me me after some time haha, but anyways, hope you guys enjoy the read 
Well the title speaks for itself. I finish my first year at university exams and now it is summer for me. Which will mean more pieces done for me yay :D. And for whoever has be watching and reading my work thus far, I personally thank you all. Soon more work will be posted up. Hope for the best for all who are writing exams and soon to be. Best of  luck
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Happy birthday dearie !!! hope you enjoyed it
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You still hang around here, friend? 
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