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A place where you feel the safest
A place where you feel most at ease from the world
A place where you can be your true self

But now, why does it feel of a place of pain and misery?
Place of no hope, in bitter darkness
Once you been through it, you don't want to come back

Once you left, this is what I have been feeling
When will it ever end?
A cold winter chill that drives through this place

You always said “I want to come back home” and every time it gave more a better sense of security
Patience can’t just come like that; there were many times I wanted to just give up on you
But what brings me back is I have hope that shines in me

Now I see you walking down the street having your head down, in your light blue jacket
It is like I haven't seen you in years but something was different
A vibe, a dark mysterious one I never seen this one before

I took a good look at you; your eyes seem dim like you lost something
Your natural glow you had is now slipping away
You've changed, darker more distant

You came and said "I feel so lonely and I want to come back to the place I feel most at home"
I took you by the hand, and brought you home
The feelings of despair, and hopeless disappears

My home is complete
I have a home,a place to go and stay
Jacquelineemogirllov Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2013
Nice poem
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February 3, 2013
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