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The feeling that you always speak of
It ponders in your head, day in day out
Never sure how it got in there

What happened? Where did it all fall apart?
Is that the feeling?
Don't be sad or concern about it because it will drift away

All feelings do step aside just don't know when or you feel to weak to decide
Move on it will be hard but it has to happened
Or else you'll be in regret

There is no comfort in words it just feels like nothing
Having that feeling that nothing means anymore
I have that feeling

It kills me from the inside that I can't feel
I have gone numb
Lifeless just going day by day feeling, is it worth it anymore?

But it has to mean something
Why does stuff happen, there must be a reason behind it
But you may not know the answer to it

But I can't move on because I see something more to it
I see there is hope in this
That little hope will set me free

That hope will give you the strength to overcome it
That hope will strive for something better
That hope will give a new meaning

That hope will bring all this back together
I wouldn't be lost anymore
I would happy again but the only thing I have to ask, will you be there with me through this or would you go?
The feeling of hope cuz that is all I got now
fibernite Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2012
your words are very reflective, it shows your struggles to bring out those tough pains in words, it quite visible in the rhythm of the poem but well understood and message convey
Sakura2Cutie Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2012  Student Writer
Man Jon, what's going on in both of your lives? :/ I'm kind of worried, care to chat sometimes?
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