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I try and try again
But nothing seems to work
She just keeps ignoring me

She keeps thinking it is dead
I keep on trying to tell her it's not
But why won't you listen

Listening is key
I have been listening to you this whole time
But not once I turned away and said

"I wish it could have been different"

No, that's not how I thought
How it felt
Being through so much with you that I can't let go just like that

No, I am not saying I am living in the past
I am saying I want you to still be there
I want you not to give in to your own doubt

Believe me, please
My life is better with you not without
Hanging on a thread and I grab it with all my might for that it would be sew on and not drift away

No sarcastic tone, no laughing matter
All in seriousness, serious about you
Serious that this still can work out

All relationships go though turmoil, crap, mess ups and all
But it takes a real one get through it
It wouldn't be an easy road but a doable road

I know you hate the feeling of making this decision
To let go of what you love and feels it fell apart
I am trying to get the pieces back together but I need help doing that

I can't do it alone
I still need you there to help along with this process
No, not a process more like to fix things
Not just get things back what it used to be but better
Sure we both have are own short-comings but doesn't mean I stop trying
Giving up is not a option but regain what was lost is

It maybe take a long time or a short time I don't know
I just know this what I have to said to you many times
"Don't worry, everything will be alright"
It's funny how you are the one who told me that

I stare into your brown eyes
I still get lost in them
But each time we stare into each other eyes, we were in complete utter silence
The moment we just truly connect, feeling safe and knowing we are there for each other

And now, now you think that connect is gone
I want you feel and know it is not gone
It is still there just trapped or lost in a foggy area

Knowing I don't want this to fail
I want to try and try again
Till you do come back to your senses

Effort Never Dies
Three words that can change everything
I got to keep trying and not to give up. I don't what to lose you
roselynedwards Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2012  Student Writer
Ok, I don't know if you want some constructive criticism or not but here it goes
please do not take offense at all, i am only offering simple suggestions
I do not think you are a bad writer, after all we are all in this together and here on this site to grow and help each other out so you can take it or leave it :)

Stanza 1:
in the final line "just" so it's is she keeps ignoring me (i think it flows better this way if you're going for that)
Stanza 2:
Change "it" to something more either metaphoric or like literal because the abstract it isn't really working I'm not able to feel or identify what the writer is trying to portray here.

that's enough critic for now...
more later maybe ;)

but overall i really liked where you were coming from and going with this about being persistent to work through things in your relationship, instead giving up at the first sign of difficulty, after all that's a big part of love right there, sticking with each other when things get hard :) good job
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