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Submitted on
November 4, 2012
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"Why am I with you?"
A question you seem to ask a lot
Many answers can fall under

Was it your face?
The way you laugh?
How you look for the best of me?

Is it your personally?
The way that we are different in many ways but we still work it out
But yet on a deeper level are the same

Is it that I still love you?
Even when my heart is fill with anger or when I was just cranky
I still try to see though and think back to the girl that was so innocent

Beginnings were rough for us
You know that, I know that
It is good to have reminder once in a while that we still care to one another

But now I walk alone on this road of broken dreams
Where you used to walk beside me
Is now left is a shadow of a broken being

I look back to see if you were still there
But I know you move on, to a better life
I was just a stepping stone for you

I wish it didn't fall apart like this
I wish I could of turn back the clock to do it all over
But just this time do it

I am with you because I gave you joy and happiness in some way no one else has done for you
I love you because I want to be with you, be beside you, take care of you
I am with you because no one else try to do things right for you

I just...want to be there for the rest of your life
Not for the status, not for safe choice
No, for that I can be there for you and that I love you

I need to make up for all those times
Where you were hurt and I wasn't there My words mean nothing if there is no actions

Just wish I can be with you for all your achievements, failings, worries, happy times and all the sad times
But now you are gone
It was too late, never had the chance to say it you

Deep in my heart, pass the walls of stone
Is a little boy, that is crying out
Please come back, I didn't mean to happen like this and that I am sorry that I was angry at you, times that I didn't give you joy but sadness, every time that I was wrong back in my life
something that i needed to get off my chest
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